Game Face: Superbowl Sunday 2014

by - Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Superbowl Sunday I have three words for you: keep it simple. I chose the Jessica Simpson photo above because she looks polished without looking overdone. Here are some tips to look your best before the big game:

  Whether you are worried about sweating your makeup off rooting for your team, or you just dont want to be making trips to the bathroom for touch ups while visiting with party guests, wear a primer. This will help your make up not only last longer, but apply smoother than your ordinary application. My favorite is the Benefit Poreless Primer because its not too greasy and shrinks the appearance of my pores. Although I have never tried it, I've heard Benefit's 15-hour primer is also great too if you are more worried about your makeup lasting than a smoother application.

For blush, pick something that is semi-matte and long lasting. Semi-matte is more natural than shimmer, but still gives you a glow. I recommend the Mary Kay Cream Blush. Its buildable color, semi-matte contains antioxidants, longer lasting than powder, and hypoallergenic. The one on the left called Sheer Bliss is best for fair skin tones and the one on the right called Cranberry is best for darker complexions.

To bring out your eyes, use neutral shadows and eyeliners. The Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is a good example for basic neutral shadows that will work for all skin tones. For eyeliner, try to avoid black and use a brown or grey. If you must use black, use a shadow instead of pencils, gels, or liquids. This will add soft definition to your lashes. As far as lashes go, I absolutely love the Loreal Naturale Mascara because it gives you a lot of natural definiton. I have put five coats of this mascara without any clumps!

Finish the look off with a neutral lip color. MAC's Japanese Maple is a good one because its a nude color, but not too nude where it washes you out. 

Check back next Friday for my tips for Valentines Day! <3

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