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by - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hi everyone! Over a week ago I was desperate for some products and I didn’t have time to order anything online, so I went to the drugstore. I figured I would review each product in case you came across these yourself :)

What its supposed to do: time release formula that provides a mousse and silky application that lasts all day without feeling flaky, caky, or heavy

 My thoughts: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation is amazing! It’s definitely one of my favorite foundations at the drugstore so far. This foundation is pretty matte I would say. After I apply it with my brush, I set it with powder. When you first apply it, it feels really wet, but once you set it with powder it feels lightweight. I love the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation as well, but it’s a dryer formula so I like it best when the weather is a little warmer. I have slightly oily, acne prone skin and this stuff does not break me out or feel greasy on me even though it’s a cream.

Pros: full coverage, applies silky smooth, does not flake, long-lasting
Cons: packaging as the potentional to become unsanitary after several uses, long lasting but 24 hours? More like 12 maximum. Also, I definitely think it starts to look cakey around 12 hours.

Rating: 7

What its supposed to do: fragrance free formula that gently removes makeup (even waterproof and long wearing) while also conditioning the lashes

My thoughts: I honestly wanted to love this product but I didn’t. I found that I was tugging my eyes to get the makeup off even without waterproof mascara. Not only did it take tugging and pulling to get my eye makeup off, the formula slightly burned. The product does condition the lashes but leaves a greasy residue.
Pros: Conditions lashes, removes makeup
Cons: removes makeup w/ tugging and pulling, slightly burns, greasy residue
Rating: 2

What its supposed to do: detoxify and exfoliate with ingredients like black sugar and charcoal

My thoughts: I actually was surprised with this mask. For $4 I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. I definitely think it exfoliated nicely. My skin felt soft and squeaky-clean shiny. I was hoping to for the charcoal to pull some of my black heads b/c the Glam Glow Clearing Mud Mask has that effect but the polishing mask had no effect on my blackheads. For the low price it wasn’t bad, but I most likely would not re purchase because I think you could use sugar you have in your kitchen and have the same effect.

Pros: exfoliating, low price
Cons: did not clear up any black heads or blemishes
Rating: 4

What its supposed to do: Creates soft definition and volume of the lashes without irritation or clumping
My thoughts: I really like this mascara a lot. I have short thin lashes and I think this product gives me volume without giving spider leg looking lashes if you know what I mean. I original discovered this mascara from the beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill. I can put coat after coat of this mascara and it wont clump.
Pros: Smooth application, soft brush, does not clump
Cons: Have to replace frequently because the formula will start to clump on the brush, creating too much product to be applied (but what mascara do you not have to replace frequently?!)
Rating: 8
Where to buy: CVS, Walgreens, Ulta

What its supposed to do: Removes dirt, sweat, and makeup (eye makeup too); infused with cucumbers, aloe vera, and green tea

My thoughts: I originally picked out this product in particular because it had the beautiful red certificate of “Allures Best of Beauty Awards 2011”. 90% of the time when I choose a product that was part of Allure’s Best of Beauty I have good luck with. Overall, I like this product. I thought it was very soothing and refreshing. This is a great product to use after the gym. I think its best to actually wash your face, but if your in a pinch this is a good product to go to. My only complaint is that it says it removes eye makeup, which it does, but it creates a burning sensation and makes my eyes red.

Pros: Soothing, refreshing, cleansing
Cons: Doesn’t deep clean, irritates the eyes

Rating: 7

I hope all of you enjoyed the review! Share some drugstore products you loved or hate in the comments below or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! 

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