Travel Beauty Survival Kit

by - Monday, May 05, 2014

Hello everyone!

I recently took a trip to Paris, France almost a month ago. As you know, the flight to Europe is quite long. Here are some beauty items I wish I had on the long travel day(s):

When traveling, my hair usually produces build up and starts to get gross. So far, this is the best dry shampoo I have tried. It absorbs almost all the oil in my hair and makes it smell fresh again. I love this company for dry shampoo because they have a variety of dry shampoos with different scents and ones that accommodate different hair colors.

In my carry on, I brought some Mineral Powder Foundation. It was good to eliminate shine, but I definitely needed more coverage because all of my liquid foundation had rubbed off. I wish I had creme to powder foundation because it would give me extra coverage but try as a powder.

If your traveling, chances are you probably will be washing or sanitizing your hands a lot (i hope) making them dry. I received this cream in this complimentary kit in first class and I really liked it. It was super creamy but not greasy.

This item was also in the complimentary kit I received. I think this product is so perfect for traveling because it has multitasking purposes for all skin types and doesn't require water. 

Traveling with people from all over the world in one compacted area... need I say more? These are necessities.

Traveling over seas can sometimes take over 24 hours... which is a whole day where you would be brushing your teeth twice. Trust me, you will be glad you have it.

This product is a all-in-one product that is cream to powder that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The Multiple is offered in 14 different shades, matte and shimmery. This product makes so much sense while traveling because its not liquid and can be used in place for eye shadow, blush, and lipstick. I've never personally tried this product but I definitely will in the future because I think it would also be perfect for mornings I need to get ready quickly.

Hydrate, reduce dark circles, puffiness, and dryness with Dior's BB cream for the eyes. Once again, I honestly have not used this product personally, however, I think this is also perfect for traveling because its multitasking and is suitable for all skin especially mature skin types. I am really looking forward to purchasing this product in the future, because like the NARS Multiple, I think it's great for mornings in a hurry.

* Please keep in mind that I'm not saying you have to use these EXACT products. You can definitely try products that have similar purposes. These are just the products I would personally choose for myself.*

Dont hesitate to ask any questions...

I'm so excited to be back in the swing of blogging and I have so many ideas ahead! Thanks so much for reading and look for another blog post this week!

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