Tip Tuesday: Makeup Edition

by - Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Tuesday! From how to make your curled eyelashes last longer to how to fill in your brows, here are 9 makeup tips that will make your makeup look more professional:

- When filling in your eyebrows, start at the end and work your way to the middle. Blend with a spooley brush. This will prevent your eyebrows from looking too harsh and more natural.
- If you choose to fill in your brows, stay to your true color. Don't try to go darker if it's not needed.
- Look up what type of eye shape you have and plan your shadow accordingly. Just like every one has different body types, everyone has different eye shapes. Not everyones eye application should be the same.
- Don't put eyeliner under the upper lash line. I used to do this all the time until I learned it will damage your lashes overtime.
- Curl your lashes right at the basline, in the middle, then at the tip of your lashes to keep your eyelashes curled longer.
- Just like teasing your hair, tease your lashes for more volume. Start at the base line of your lash and wiggle your way up to the tip.
-If your lashes get clumpy, get your tweezer and use the tip to comb through the "knot". 
-Use black eyeliner then a blue eyeliner on the bottom waterline to bring out the eyes. Red carpet tip from Mally Roncal :)

- NEVER put foundation or face powder on your lips! Even if your lips are not dry, it will make them look very dry and settle into your lines. It won't make a difference in making your lip product last. If you want a nude lip there are tons of great lip primers and true nude lipsticks.

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