Thursday, October 15, 2015


Good afternoon y'all!
 My next giveaway is one of Mary Kay's best selling items which is the Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss!. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I chose the shade Pink Parfait! This shade is the perfect bubble gum pink shade that will look good on everyone.
For every entry I will donate $1 to breast cancer research! 
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- Only open to national (USA)
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Giveaway ends October 28th, 2015 at midnight. The winner will be announced and notified within 28 hours after the giveaway has ended

Good luck!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites: Favorite Summer Products

 Hey guys! Today is Friday Favorites so I'm going to talk about all of my favorite summer products that I used throughout the season basically every single day. These products not only are perfect for summer but for truly every season. Each product is brocken down with all of my thoughts.
I've raved about this product before in my top hair products under $10. In the summer my hair gets more damaged because I'm shampooing my hair more often because of sweating, swimming in the chlorine, etc. Loved this conditioner for everyday to prevent and reduce damage. And its cheap!
Due to the brutal heat and humidity in Texas, I had more clogged pores and breakouts than I normally would. This cleanser is a gel with 2% salicylic acid that foams when you add water and rub it on your face. The cleanser is for oily and acne prone skin. I have fairly sensitive skin especially when it comes to acne products and this product never bothered me. This product removes oil, dirt, and shine without striping the skin. Highly recommend!
 Mary Kay Subtle Tanning Lotion (no longer available)
I'm so sad this lotion is discontinued because it's a gradual tanner but its subtle so you never had to worry about streaking. It smells amazing too! It's perfect for maintain a true tan or using it just on the legs to add a glow.
I've used this CC cream as my moisturizer, primer, and foundation getting ready in the morning. I loved using this alone for quick coverage or applying it before my actual foundation for a little extra coverage. It has a pump which I love because it's easy to control how much product you want. This CC cream is basically like a tinted moisturizer but with more benefits. This little tube of product protects, brightens, corrects, minimizes redness, conceals, hydrates, reduces the visible signs of aging, and defends against free radicals! This product is suitable for all skin tones but I never use it without setting it with powder to cut out any shine and to lock it in place.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Win it Wednesday: GIVEAWAY

Good afternoon!
Today I'm opening a giveaway to kick off the fall season! One winner will win this amazing Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Truffle. This is my favorite eyeshadow of all time for fall because it will really tie in any red, berry, or dark lipsticks. Also it's magnetic so it will fit perfectly in any Z-Palette or Mary Kay Compact!
Heres a swatch of Truffle:

- You must be 18 years or older to enter
- Only open to national (USA)
- You must like my Scrubs and Blush Facebook page to enter (1 entry)
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following Scrubs and Blush on Twitter (1 entry)
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The winner will be selected on September 29th, 2015. The winner will be notified within 48 hours after giveway ends, October 1st.

Good luck and happy fall y'all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tip Tuesday: 3 Beauty Tips for Mature Skin

Happy Tip Tuesday! Here are 3 tips for women of mature skin...

1) Skip intense/chunky shimmers and glitters. This will only enhance your fine lines and other imperfections. However, do not completely avoid them! As you age, your skin gets more dull, therefore, adding subtle/ sheer shimmers can brighten the face making it appear more youthful. 
Try this: Apply a shimmer shade right under the brow bone. This will open up the eyes and appear more lifted.

2) MOISTURIZE. This will plump up your skin- especially before applying makeup!

3) Liquid over powder. Powder is more likely to settle into fine lines. Try Mary Kay's TimeWise Luminous- Wear Liquid Foundation. This has a subtle dewy finish, it's infused with Vitamin E and age fighting peptides, while reducing the appearance of skin imperfections. Theres 23 shades to choose from!

4) LIPS- Choose a lip color a little darker than your natural lip color but nothing too dark. Also, don't over line your lips or choose a dark lip liner. All of this can cause your lips to look to perched, emphasize your lines, and make your lips look smaller. Try a moisturizing lip color with anti aging benefits like Mary Kay's True Dimensions Lipstick. Tuscan Rose is a great color to brighten the face that's not too dark.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

$10 Tuesday- Beauty On a Budget (Hair Products)

Happy Tuesday everyone!
In this blog post I'll be reviewing my top ten hair products under $10 one by one. I have personally tried all of these products for a good amount of time so I know I can give you an accurate review. None of these products are sponsored.
The company Caviar is technically an anti aging hair product line. I received a sample of one of their hair products from Sephora one time and I fell in love with every product I tried.  This shampoo is sulfate free so it cleanses but it's not too harsh that it strips the natural oils of your scalp. It provides moisture to prevent stress to your hair strands and prevents fading of your hair color.
This conditioner has the same concept as the shampoo. The conditioner is also sulfate free. It prevents fading and any stress that may be caused by everyday habits like brushing, teasing, heat styling, etc. 
I'm IN LOVE with this brand. 100% of women noticed a significant improvement in their hair after just one use.
This mask is great for really dry and/ or damaged hair. The consistency is extremely thick. This hair mask helps repair split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness, and dehydration.  You just keep it in your hair for about 5 minutes. It's great to use in the shower while your shaving. It's definitely the best drug store hair mask I have tried.
This is a great shampoo because it cleanses but still keeps my strands feeling moisturized and soft. As my hair gets longer, and the more I style it my hair gets dry and more easily damaged. This shampoo is a good cheap buy to keep my hair in tip top shape.
The purpose of this conditioner is the same as the erasing balm as it has the same goals: repair split ends, roughness, weakness, dullness, and dehydration. This conditioner is thick but it leaves my hair feeling amazing. It smells really good too.

I have tried many dry shampoos but I struggled finding one that actually made my hair feel clean. I love this product because I feel like it really absorbs the oils in my hair. I use it after a workout at the gym or on lazy days where I don't want to wash my hair. I would say this product and the Dry Bar's Detox Dry Shampoo is very similar. My only compliant about this Dove product is that the scent is strong. The scent reminds me of deodorant or baby powder. Other than that, you can't beat the price!
This is another one of my favorite drug store dry shampoos. Like the Dove, I feel like it is one of the few dry shampoos that actually leaves my hair feeling clean. One of my favorite things about this brand is that they have so many types of different dry shampoos that are for different purposes and have different scents. I have blonde hair, so I like to use the blonde one for when I get desperate for a refill on my highlights.
I'm not going to lie, I'm not going to say this is the best hairspray I have ever used. However, this hairspray really does keep your hair in place for hours. Plus you can't beat $4 for a 14.6 oz bottle.

If you have dry hair, colored, or over processed hair this is your product! My hair is dry, color treated, and I often style it using heat. This is amazing to use everyday to prevent damage. You only have to keep it in your hair for a minute to see results.
I live in Texas and during the summer the humidity gets terrible. I always have to use something to prevent frizz. This product is great for smoothing the hair, preventing and eliminating frizz, adding shine, and providing heat protection. This is a great dupe for the Morrocanoil.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Makeover Monday: Leg Makeup

Hey guys! So I recently signed up w/ Influenster and received this complimentary Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in the mail for review. I did receive this product for free, however, in this blog post I will be discussing my honest opinion about my Influenster Vox Box and what I thought about the product. 
In my Vox Box, I received Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Medium with a $2.00 Sally Hansen coupon for a repurchase. I also received a handout from Influenster saying what the product does, how I can receive points and badges, and similar products by Sally Hansen that I might enjoy.
Product Promises:
- covers veins, freckles, and other imperfections
- waterproof
- transfer resistant
- lasts all day
- makes the legs look more firm
To apply, this product you just get a quarter size amount and apply it evenly with your fingertips from top to bottom of the leg. After application, simply just scrub your hands with soap and water.
When I noticed I got the shade medium, I was a little worried it would be too dark but it actually turned out to be very natural looking. In the picture below you can see the left leg of what my skin looked like before and after the application to the right. It covered bruises, veins, and any discoloration while giving it a more even, tanned appearance.
To put this product really to the test, I decided to use it before a full beach day. The product says its waterproof and transfer resistant so I figured the best place to test it is the beach! The whole day we were in and out of the water and I was reapplying sunscreen. The first time I dipped in the water it actually held up very well. The leg makeup looked exactly the same as it did 2 hours before. After a reapplication of sunscreen and another dip in the ocean, I could see the leg makeup wearing off. When I got out of the ocean my legs looked kind of blotchy. For the most part, it held up pretty well considering we were at the beach!
This product did everything it said it would. The product stayed really well I was at the beach all day. I would definitely repurchase this product especially for special occasions in a lighter shade. Overall, I am happy with the product.
**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.**
Stop by here again tomorrow to see 10 products under $10!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How To Cover Up Dark Circles

Happy Thursday y'all! Today I'm going to break down an easy way to break down an easy way to cover intense dark circles!
I know the "rule" has been to put your concealer under your foundation but I actually like to put my concealer over my foundation because I think it highlights the face better.
STEP 1: After applying your liquid foundation, apply Mary Kay's Concealer in Yellow under the eyes. This will cancel out the purple tones under the eyes. My favorite way to apply concealer is with a damp beauty blender because I think it blends faster and better than my fingers.
STEP 2: Apply Mary Kay's Concealer in Ivory 2 or any other color slightly brighter than your skin tone. When you place the concealer under the eyes you want to blend it downward to the tops of the cheeks. This is going to make the biggest difference in brightening up the under eye. This is a bright concealer for me so put not only under my eyes but in the inner corners of my eyes, around my nose, down the center of my nose, cupids bow of the lip, and slightly above my brow. I placed the concealer above the brow to create a lifting effect. The reason I did put concealer not just under my eyes was to balance the whole face. I didn't want just my under eye to be brightened. This really ties everything together.
STEP 3: After blending the concealer with a dampened beauty blender, I like to set my concealer with a powder. You can use any light powder or use Mary Kay's Translucent Powder like I did in the picture above. I used Sigma's f25 Tapered Face Brush to really get in under the eye to set the powder so no concealer settles into any lines and it lasts all day.
I hope this blog post taught you how to easily cover up your dark circles! Do you have any requests for tutorials? Comment on any social media and I would be happy to fulfill your request!
Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to check out my favorite products of the week

Disclaimer: I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant but my product reviews and recommendations are 100% truthful. I am not affiliated with other brands above such as beauty blender or sigma.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Shimmering Lilac Tutorial

(Lip color used above is Mary Kay's Pink Shimmer and Sheer Blush)
Hey all! So I posted this picture on my instagram page and some people liked for a tutorial. I'm going to break down this eye look so you can try this yourself.
Silky Carmel (discontinued)
STEP 1: Apply Mary Kay's Mineral Eye Color in Silky Carmel with a fluffly crease brush. This purpose of applying this color is to just so the purple crease color blends a lot easier. You don't have to use this specific shade. You can use Mac's Soft Brown, Wet N Wild Brulee, or even your bronzer.
STEP 2: Apply Mary Kay's Mineral Eye Color in Granite from lash line to the crease of the eye. The picture above you can see the difference between the left eye that has Granite and the right one that doesn't.
STEP 3: Apply Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Plum into the crease of the eye with a crease brush.
STEP 4: Apply Mary Kay's Shimmer Mineral Eye Color in Shimmering Lilac to the eyelid in a patting motion with an eye shadow brush dampened with Mac's Fix +. You definitely don't have to use Fix + you can even use eye drops or water if you want. If you don't wet the brush or your finger before applying this shade you definitely will have a lot of fall out.
 STEP 5: Apply any black eye liner along the upper lash line to make the lashes appear thicker. I applied Maybelline's Precision Liquid Liner in Black and extended it a little to create a winged eye. Then, I applied Mary Kay's Eyeliner in Violet Ink (discontinued) to myw water line. You can use any purple eyeliner for the lower lash line! I also added a little of the Sweet Plum shade I used in the crease and smudged some in the lower lash line.
STEP 6: Apply any black mascara to accentuate your lashes and make them appear, longer and fuller. I used Covergirl's Clump Crusher Mascara.
STEP 7: Apply an eye shadow to highlight the brow bone and the inner corners of the eye to make the eyes appear more lifted and tie the whole look together. I used MAC's Eye Shadow in Shroom.
I really hope you like this tutorial! Let me know what you guys think with the comments below or tweet or instagram me. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

$10 Tuesday- Beauty on a Budget (Drugstore Makeup)

It's $10 Tuesday! Here are 10 drugstore Makeup Products that are GREAT for under 10 bucks-
This is a great powder to set your foundation! If you are oily or are interested in cutting out any shine this is your product. Also it makes the pores appear smaller.
2. NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder *$2.99
Super great bronzer that's natural looking and blends nicely. I like to use this to just bronze up the face not necessarily contour.
3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer *$3.98
This is a great concealer that blends seamlessly! It has a very natural finish. Perfect for everyday!
4. Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes *$4.99
LOVE these lashes! These demi wispies look natural on seriously everyone. They remind me of mink lashes that are so popular at the moment.
5. Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki Tiki *$9.00
This product is technically a bronzer but its actually a beautiful highlight. Dust this along the cheekbones to make you look more sun kissed and to add a glow.
This blush has a mousse/ cream texture. It blends into the apples of the cheeks effortlessly and there are so many color options to choose from for each skin tone.
These loose eye shadows have amazing pigmentation. They are waterproof too. If I looked at these eye shadows at a glance I would probably glance and assume it was a luxury eye shadow.
I was blown away by these eye shadows. They are dirt cheap but amazing. Pigmentation does not disappoint and the colors look the same in the palette as they are swatched.
If you are someone who is a beginner to liquid liner this is your best option. This liner comes with a velt tip brush so you have a lot more control applying eyeliner. I love using this by itself to create a sharp clean line or to use it after I apply false lashes to hide any glue.
10. Real Techniques Stippling Brush $10
This is the first Real Techniques brush I have every purchased and I'm SO pleased! I have a MAC 130 brush that's similar to this just a bit smaller (and a lot more expensive) and I like it so much better! It's seriously perfect for cream blushes or cheek stains. Also, I have never had it shed on me like my MAC one.

*I am not sponsored by any of the companies above
* Prices will vary

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beauty on a Budget: 10 Items for $10 or less

Happy $10 Tuesday! Today, I'm going to talk about 10 Mary Kay products that are under $10. Perfect for anyone on a budget! Keep in mind I am a Mary Kay Consultant, however, I stand by all these products and my opinions are genuine. Honestly, I had a hard time narrowing it down to ten products I love under ten dollars so I added a "bonus" product! I won't just talk about Mary Kay every Tuesday I will change it every week. 

I love these mineral eye colors because they are affordable and since they are mineral they are very blendable. There is a range of choices for the eye shadows like mattes and shimmers. There is definitely some colors I don't like as much as others. However, a few of my all time favorites are Granite, Truffle, Rosegold, Driftwood (matte), Hazlenut (matte), and Sweet Plum. I also love how these shadows are magnetic so you can mix and match in your Mary Kay compact or a Z palette.
Some people may think that brow gel is unnecessary but it really makes a huge difference especially if you pencil in your eyebrows. Paying attention to your eyebrows really helps frame the face. This gel conditions the brows while holding them in place all day without any flaking. It has a comb so it is really easy to apply.
With a pea size amount of this product, you can exfoliate the lips to prevent and decrease lines around the lips that sometimes appear with aging, adding natural color, and removing dead skin cells allow the lip balm to absorb more moisture. I love using this product especially in the fall and winter months when my lips get dryer. Also, this product is awesome for prepping for lipstick!
Peach Pop

4) Mary Kay Lip and Cheek Stick $10
This multitasking product is a lip and cheek tint. It comes in two shades- Peach Pop and Razzleberry. Really any skin tone can use these shades. Peach Pop is perfect for summer and spring time. Razzleberry is especially gorgeous for Fall and Winter Seasons. This is two products in one so its basically $5 for lip and cheek. Its a nice small size so its perfect for traveling. The shades are really pigmented so you don't need a lot so you get your moneys worth. The best way to apply this product is to apply directly to the apples of the cheeks then blending out with your fingers or a brush. For the lips, you can apply it with your fingers or a lip brush.
I think everyone knows you need to clean your brushes regularly to prevent the build up of serious bacteria. It is recommended you deep clean your brushes with soap and water every week to two weeks depending on how often you use them. If you have a lot of brushes like me, you know deep cleaning brushes can be time consuming. This cleanser is great for in between makeup applications so your brush picks up true color and reduce the amount of bacteria that can build up before you are able to deep clean brushes. I especially love using this in between makeup applications with clients because it really gets rid of the residue and it dries fast without drying out my brushes.
I'm a big fan of smudging shadow or liner on my bottom lash line when I'm doing eye looks because I think it really brings the entire look together. This brush is perfect for smudging/blending the upper or lower lash line shadows.
This lip balm conditions and gives a light tint to the lips with a sweet berry flavor and scent. I especially love this pale pink shade because its perfect for everyday because its not too bright and it's also great for a pale pink nude lip if your doing a dramatic eye.  
This brush can be used for three different things: applying cream eye colors, concealer, or even lipstick. This is a synthetic brush so it really picks up color well. I especially love using this to apply the very moisturizing Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick. Just a little tip- don't use one brush for all three purposes for hygienic reasons.

This brush is very versatile. It is not only great for powder touch ups in your compact but its also great for contouring! You can really get a precise contour line and blend it out. Similar to the NARS Ita Kabuki Brush ($55). This is also great for even highlighting specific areas of the face like the cheek bones and the center of the nose.

This two in one brush can be used to comb the brows before or after brow pencil application and an eyeliner brush that can be used for gel liners, shadows, or even brow shadows. The eye brow brush combs and blends the brows nicely. I really love the eyeliner brush at the end because its angled making a regular eyeliner or winged liner application easy.

Okay, I know I said I would only talk about ten products but I could not post this without including this item. Even though this brow liner states its for blonde shades, it honestly flatters anyone. You can use this to perfectly shape your brows or just use them to frame the face a little better. For example, Jaclyn Hill a very popular YouTuber famous for her amazing makeup skills. She uses blonde liner for her upper brows and brown for her lower brows.
Its a very thin and precise line, reminds me of the Anastasia Brow Wiz ($22) but a lot cheaper!

If would like to get more details on these products or place an order with me for lots of free stuff visit my website at
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