Naked On The Run Palette Review & Tutorial

by - Friday, January 09, 2015

Hi there! 
One of my Christmas gifts this year was the Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette. In this blog post, I will reviewing the pros and cons of this palette followed by a quick eye tutorial.

-The Packaging-
Out of all the Naked palettes this packaging is the best hands down. Its sleek and has a unique pattern on the front. This palette you can leave out on your counter and not feel guilty ;)

This product includes SEVEN items. If you know how expensive Urban Decay can be on a budget then you know this is a really good deal. The seven items included in this palette are 1) mascara, 2) eyeliner, 3) lip gloss, 4) five eye shadows-- three sparkle and two matte, 5) bronzer, 6) blush, and 7) all over lid color.

Top to bottom:
Stun (metallic bronze/ light gold shimmer)
Dare (medium brown matte)
Resist (medium metallic taupe)
Fix (soft taupe matte)
Dive (metallic rose/gold shimmer)
Overall, these shadows are pretty true to their color as seen in the palette. Dare was the only shadow out of this palette that seemed to be less pigmented than the others. 
Top to bottom:
Bronzer (medium brown matte; this is pretty much the same bronzer in the Naked Flushed palette)
This bronzer it seemed like I had to layer even on my fair skin. It seems to have more of an orange tone than brown/bronze.
Blush (bright pink with the slightest amount of shimmer)
This blush is very bright. In fact, I found this bubble gum pink to be too bright for me. I just tapped the color on the apples of my cheeks and used it sparingly.
All over lid color called 5050 (pink, cream shadow with shimmer)
When I looked at this palette, I thought this shade was a face highlighter but its actually in all over lid color. I actually enjoyed using it as a face highlighter.
24/7 Glide on Pencil in Stag (very dark brown/black)
This eyeliner applied so smoothly onto my lids I was worried it would easily smudge or smear but it didn't budge. The title of this eyeliner is perfect. It stays on for a long time and goes onto the lid as smooth as butter.
Perversion Mascara in blackest black
This mascara is not full sized which I was a little disappointed over. I like this mascara because it applies very smooth. After many coats of this mascara my lashes did not clump. However, if you have thin eyelashes like I do and like bold lashes, you may not like this mascara. It took me three or four coats with this mascara alone to get my lashes were I wanted them to be.
Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss lip gloss in Sesso (rosy pink shimmer)
Love this lip gloss consistency and it's color. The applicator brush is slanted which is nice because it makes it easier to apply. This lipgloss included in the palette is full sized.
Pros: Sleek packaging, lots of product for a good price, products are long lasting, colors are versatile that one can use for day and night, the convenience of majority of makeup all enclosed in one palette
Cons: Bulky palette especially one created for traveling; shadows, bronzer, and blush were very powdering... could be a disadvantage for those with dry skin, bronzer was a little too orange and the blush was a little too bright for my skin tone.
-The Look-
The picture displayed below is the picture I posted on my Instagram asking if anyone would be interested in an eye tutorial. I was excited to see people interested. I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out!
-- Eye Tutorial --
1.  Apply the eyeshadow Fix (soft taupe matte) with a medium fluffy eye crease brush
2.  Apply Dare (medium brown matte) in the crease with a smaller crush
3.  Apply Stun (metallic bronze/ light gold shimmer) with your finger on the first half of your eyelid lash line to crease
4.   Apply Stag eyeliner on the bottom lash line and on your waterline. When you reach the edge of your eye slightly wing it up. 
5.  Apply Stag eyeliner right on top of lash line 
6.  Using a smudge eye shadow brush, smudge the eyeliner you just applied. (The thing I love about this is you really don't have to be precise. You can be messy and it will still work because you are going to apply addition eyeshadow anyways)
7.   Apply the Dive (metallic rose/gold shimmer) eyeshadow on top of your liner on top top of the lower lash line with the same smudge eye brush you used to smudge your eyeliner 
8.  Apply the same color, Dive, right into your eye crease with a small eye crease brush
9. (optional) Use a fluffy crease brush to smooth out your crease 
10. (optional) apply a highlight color under the arch of your brow (I used the all over eye lid color included in the palette)
Where to buy the palette:
Retails for $54 excluding tax
-Misc Makeup Used-
Makeup Forever HD Foundation in N115
MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NW20
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Plus 
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Taupe

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 

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