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by - Monday, August 03, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm starting something different- Makeover Monday! I'll be posting any makeovers I did on myself or others, reveal what products were used, why they were used, and how you can achieve a similar look. 
This is my friend, Megan. Last week we got together just to see what products she would be interested in using in everyday life and how she could use them! Megan has really pretty eyes so I wanted that to be the main point but nothing too dramatic. 

1. After thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the face, we applied the Mary Kay Foundation Primer all over the face to not only allow the foundation to last longer, but to apply smoother and cancel out minor imperfections like enlarged pores. This primer has SPF in it so it can be used during the daytime as well as the nighttime.
2. Mary Kay yellow concealer was applied to any areas that showed redness and then blended out with foundation in the following step. 
3. With Mary Kay Liquid Foundation Brush, Time Wise Matte Wear Foundation in Ivory 5 was applied starting from the center of the face and blending out. 
4. Mary Kay concealer in Ivory 2 was applied to the under eye area and around the nose to brighten up the face and blended with finger tips.
5. To set the foundation so it does not move to other areas of the face. Foundation was set with Mary Kay Translucent Powder  (not shown) in a patting motion first then a circular motion.
6. To bronze up the face and at subtle contour, we applied Mary Kay Bronzer in Light-to-Medium on the outer edges of the face: hairline, cheekbones, and the jawline. To contour the nose, I pinched the Mary Kay Powder Brush (not shown) with my fingers so it made thinner and applied the bronzer to the sides of the nose.
7.  For blush, we applied a light pink color from Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colors called Shy Blush with Mary Kay Cheek Brush. It didn't show up like I hoped it would and I wanted to add a little highlight so we added the Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duo in Juicy Gauva. I applied the blush to the applies of the cheeks and the highlighting powder from the duo down the center of the nose and on the cheek bones.

1. To frame the face a little bit, we applied the Mary Kay Brow Pencil in Blonde to the brows in the direction of hair growth. Then we blended with Mary Kay Brow/ Eyeliner Brush then finally added Mary Kay Brow Gel (not shown) to keep the brows in place.
2. In order to prevent fall out and allow the shadow to apply smoother, increase pigmentation, and last longer, we applied Mary Kay Eye Primer all over the lid.
3.  Megan wanted a smokey, natural, eye look that lasted a long time so I started off applying Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Iced Cocoa to lash line to the eye crease w/ Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Brush Then I took the flat angled brush end of the Mary Kay Brow/Eyeliner Brush and added a little of Iced Cocoa to the bottom lash line to tie all of it together.
4. To spice up the eye look allow the eye shadow to last hours, we applied Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Rose Gold to the entire lid from lash line to crease. 
5. To make the eyes appear bigger we applied Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Amber Blaze to the center of the lid.
6. To add definition to the eye crease, we added Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Truffle to the crease with Mary Kay Crease Brush (not shown) in wind shield wiper motions left to right, back and forth.
7. To add drama to the eyes, we applied Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Coal to just to outer crease of the eye.
8. To highlight the eyes we added Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye to brighten up the eye. I chose this highlight because its a bright highlight that has kind of a yellow tone which will bring out the golds and browns.
9. To add definition to the lash line, Megan added Mary Kay Eyeliner in Black just to the lower lash line. 
10. To give the eyes even more "oomph" we added Mary Kay At Play Eye Crayon in Gold Mine just to the lower lash line. This added even more shine to the eye and made the eyes appear brighter.
11. Finally, we added Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara in Black to the top and bottom lash line to lengthen the lashes.

1. Megan wanted to try lipstick with a lot of frost so we went with Mary Kay Cream Lipstick in Pink Shimmer. This is a really frosty, pale pink shade that works well with fair skin tones. 2. But to add even more shine and frost, we added Mary Kay NouriShine Lip Gloss in Golden (not shown). I'm obsessed w/ this lip gloss because not only does it smell like vanilla frosting, but you can use to as a really neutral lip or tone down any lipstick or lip gloss!

{Grand Finale}
In order for Megan's makeup to last all day in the horrible blazing heat and humidity that Texas has blessed us with, we sprayed at least three sprays of Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia.

Disclaimer: I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, however, I stand by all these products. You can choose similar items and achieve the same look.

I was using a different computer than I usually do so some items are not shown in the pictures :( but a hyperlink is with every item in case you want more details.

Come back tomorrow!

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