The Pretty List (Everything You Need to Get Glam)

by - Monday, October 02, 2017

Here is a list of products that I think are absolutely necessary for a consistent flawless face.

1) First things first- foundation primer. You need something for the face makeup to cling to. My all time favorites are the Mary Kay Foundation Primer w/ SPF for daytime and Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer. Primer is a necessity not only for the longevity of the makeup but also quality. Foundation primers will allow the products to apply smoother and more evenly. If you dont have a foundation primer, the main thing is to make sure your face is clean and moisturized.

2) Now the meat and potatoes- your foundation. These is the ultimate KEY to makeup. Think of your foundation as your foundation in your house. If you dont have a good foundation, everything else is going to look off. It's important you find the perfect shade for your skin. A shade that matches your body (your body is always darker than your face). More importantly, you must find a foundation thats best for your skin type. I recommend going to a Mary Kay Advanced Color Consultant or someone else in the cosmetic industry that is trained to find the right shades for you. I always keep a variety of foundations because I get bored. A couple of my favorites are Makeup Forever HD Foundation Stick, and Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Liquid. I apply my foundation with a brush or a makeup sponge. Different formulas/ consistencies depend on how you should apply the foundation.

3) Now this may seem backwards... but I like to do my concealer after my foundation. That way I can conceal anything that wasn't covered up with the foundation or if I want to highlight. If you have dark circles under the eyes like I do thanks to genetics, I recommend the Mary Kay Under Eye Corrector. This is a salmon colored correcter that you apply under your concealer. After you have applied the corrector, apply the concealer. My favorite are the Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer.

4) Anytime you use liquids or creams in makeup always set it with a powder to prevent creasing and melting. I prefer using a full coverage foundation then set with a light or translucent powder. My favorite powder to set my foundation and concealer is the Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Powder. This will give you a little extra coverage without looking cakey. The Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder is my favorite to touch up throughout the day. No matter what powder I use I always use the Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Powder Brush because it's a dense, flat ended brush that really gets in any crevices and sets.

5) Part A
Now that you have set your makeup here comes the fun part...contouring and highlighting! Besides the foundation, contouring and highlighting is another game changer in your makeup. This totally sets the tone of your makeup, makes you more photogenic, and more of a movie star status. I like to start with the highighter first because it looks more natural under blush and bronzer. Before I move on- know that a highlighter is HIGHLIGHTING your features. Therefore, don't put it over anything you want to hid like a wrinkle or a blemish. One of my favorites is the highlighter in the Mary Kay Cheek Duo in Juicy Guava. This is a very subtle highlighter that looks beautiful on every skin tone and is not glittery. Because I have oily skin, I try to be light handed. For that reason, I recommend using a fan brush to apply.

Part B
I contour, I love the Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Hazlenut. It's the perfect cool shade to contour. The best way to apply it is the Mary Kay Compact Powder Brush. This brush is perfect because it's skinny to make a precise line to contour. I like to blend it out with a darker shade of the Mary Kay Sheer Pressed Powder. This powder is great to blend because its non shimmery and very blendable. If I'm wanting a beachy, over all bronzed look the Mary Kay Bronzer is great because its pearlized.

6) Blush! Finding the right shade is very important if you want it to look natural. My ultimate favorites are Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Colors in Sunny Spice and Strawberry Cream. Sunny Spice is an exact dupe for MAC's Blush in Tenderling. If you are a fan of NAR's Orgasm Blush then you will love Mary Kay's Mineral Color in Shy Blush. It's an exact color match!

7) Eyebrows. When it comes to makeup, eyebrows are very important becasue they frame the face. Apply the eyebrow shade in the direction the hair grows with light pressure. I love the Mary Kay Mechanical Brow Liner in Blonde.

8) My favorite... eye shadow! The possibilities are endless. To keep it simple, you just need an all over lid, crease, and highlight color. Mary Kay Spun Silk (all over the lid), Truffle (crease), and Moonstone (highlight). 

9) Eyeliner is great to make your lashes look thicker and give it a more dramatic look. I've recently been loving the Mary Kay Liquid Liner. It has a velt tip that makes application easy, even for a winged line!

10) I'm all about dramatic lashes. I even got eyelash extensions in April and I've been hooked ever since! I don't wear mascara very often but before I got extensions I used the Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara. The wand has a combination of long and short brissles to get the most dramatic, thick lash without clumps. It has vitamins like Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to protect and condition your lashes.

11) Lipstick is the one product I think any girl loves. My ultimate favorite Mary Kay Creme Lipstick is Frosted Rose! It truly looks great on every skin tone. It has a rosey, natural, frost shade.

12) Now you put on all that makeup you want it to last! Spray 3 sprits with the Mary Kay Setting Spray. 

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