Skin Care Routine

by - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Hey y'all! This post I'm breaking down each product I use day and night and why I love it. This post is not sponsored! Enjoy...

Makeup Remover Wipes (PM)

I've tried many makeup remover wipes and all of them except this one are very irritating to my skin. The Garnier Clean + Refreshing Remover Cleansing Wipes are basically the only makeup remover wipes I use because they actually take your makeup off (including most eye makeup) and they feel really nice on the skin! Not sticky or irritating.
Cleanser (AM&PM)
I've been searching for a great cleanser for a long time. I've always had trouble finding balance in my skin. Either I would use products for oily or breakout prone skin and it would make my face, dry, irritated, and make me breakout even more, or I would use normal/dry products that would make myself feel greasy and break out. This Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash has been a life saver lately. I live in Texas so the weather is constantly changing, therefore, my skin is constantly changing! It contains mint and the texture is creamy that turns frothy when water is added. 
Facial Mist (AM/PM)

I was introduced to this amazing product by my makeup artist on my wedding day. She misted this Herbivore Hydrating Face Mist on my face to prep my skin before my makeup and I was floored by the difference it made. I felt like it gave my skin a little "oomph". You can use this day or night but I like to use this just in the morning. This product gives your 4 oz which is actually really good because you don't need to use much!
You HAVE to use SPF. Let me repeat... you HAVE to use SPF. Even if it's raining or your staying home. Sun rays can penetrate through windows! Sun exposure= wrinkles and/ or cancer!!! Any ways, I love the Rodan + Fields Reverse Broad Spectrum SPF 50 because not only does it protect my skin, but it feels and smells amazing. It smells like fresh oranges and it not sticky! Also, it does not make me breakout. Which is huge. I have tried lots of facial sunscreens and most of them clog my pores. Not this one! One days I feel extra dry, I'll mix another moisturizer with this to add more hydration.
Eye Cream (AM&PM)
It's important to have an eye cream because your skin is a lot thinner than the rest of your skin. Also, you must be using your eye cream not only at night but also during the day. I've noticed a huge difference since I have been using my eye cream twice a day versus once. This Rodan + Fields Multi Functional Eye Cream because its not too thick and sticky, it doesn't make my eyes irritated, and it lasts forever! After using this product, my the skin around my eyes are tighter and my dark circles are less prominent. However, this is $62! Do I think it's worth it? Maybe not... after I finish this product I will switch back to another eye cream.
Moisturizer (AM)
Love this Dr Jart Hyra Gel Moisturizer! It's a gel moisturizer so its not too heavy for my combination skin and makes my skin's appearance brighter. Even when I'm a bit too heavy handed, it does not ball up or get sticky. One of the ingredients in this is Belgium Hot Water which has antibacterial properties so it helps control my breakouts. This is the perfect day moisturizer because its moisturizing but not too much. After drying, it works well under makeup!
Moisturizer (PM)
This is my most recent skin care purchase. I love my Dr Jart Moisturizer listed above, but personally it is just not hydrating enough. I picked up this Dermalogica Calm Water Gel to calm and hydrate my skin. This has hyaloronic acid to hydrate and natural plant extracts like pear extract to soothe my skin. I haven't used this for very long but I've really loved how it feels on the skin and I'm excited to see the results in the long run.

Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to read it! Please comment below your favorite skin care products that your currently using. Also, let me know if you want my to post a more in depth skin post. :)


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